3M – History

3M was founded in 1902 in the village of Two Harbors, Minnesota, United States, and his name takes the first letters of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. His beginnings were as a small mining company, but to little success resulted in abrasive industry.

3M invented in the 1920 first sandpaper waterproof and shortly after an enabling masking tape or protect certain areas to paint. 3M abrasives and adhesives are popular to this day.

In 1930, 3M invented Scotch ® tape stick allowing simple and fast. This product was further developed and found many applications in the surgical, pharmaceutical, and even aircraft. The scotch comes from the English word which means Scottish (originally from Scotland), tells the story that sent a game tape to protect paint areas with less adhesive, which was rejected by the customer, who ordered “Tell your bosses are not scotch “(Scottish), since this village had a reputation of not being very generous, which was her name.

In 1944, a lab assistant poured a chemical on their sports pilot. He tried to wash them but could not. The weeks passed and he noticed that part of his shoes remained where he fell chemistry clean while the rest of the shoe gets dirty. Researchers at 3M, who had tried to find some practical use for this chemical, they realized that it was an ideal fabric protector, and thus was born the Scotchgard.

In the 1950′s has become one international company in 1970 and 80 are open to diverse markets such as pharmaceuticals, computer or office supplies, telecommunications and electronics. Create the magnetic tape sound recording and video tape later, the thermal fax, popular Scotch-Brite ® pads and a host of other products.

The Post-it is said that emerged to be an internal competition in the company which developed a glue which found him not use due to its low adhesion. Seeing this, a person of the company came to put pieces of paper and send it to secretaries to give their opinion, which was a success.

3M currently has over 55,000 products.

While in the past was a model company in issues of corruption, has now been immersed in severe cases payment of bribes to high officials from countries like Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Paraguay.


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