3Com – History

Robert Metcalfe invented Ethernet at Xerox PARC, and subsequently co-founded 3Com in 1979. 3Com began making Ethernet adapter cards for various computer systems in the early ’80s, including the LSI-11, IBM PC and VAX-11. In the mid-80, 3Com has created a brand for its technology called Ethernet Etherseries, while introducing a range of equipment and PC-based software to provide shared services over a LAN using XNS protocols. These protocols have gained brand EtherShare (for file sharing), EtherPrint (print), EtherMail (for e-mail), and Ether-3270 (for local machine IBM emulation).

The software products of the company‘s networks include:

* 3 + Share: file sharing and printer.
* 3 + Mail: e-mail.
* 3 + Remote: XNS routing on a PC serial port.
* NetConnect: XNS for roteamente between Ethernets.
* (MultiConnect?) 10Base2 Ethernet repeater was a multi-port chassis-based.
* 3Server: a server-level PC for running 3 + services.
* 3Station: a diskless workstation.
* 3 + Open: file and printer sharing (based on Microsoft LAN Manager).
* Etherterm: terminal emulation.
* Etherprobe: LAN analysis software.
* DynamicAccess: software products for Ethernet load balancing, response time monitoring and distributed RMON II.

3Com expansion beyond its base ooriginal products for PC and thin Ethernet began in 1987 when it merged with Bridge Communications. This provided a range of equipment based on Motorola 68000 processors and using XNS protocols compatibly with PC software Ethertem 3Com.

* Communication Server CS / 1, CS/200 (“terminal servers”)
* Ethernet bridges (bridges) and XNS routers
* Gateway X.25 GS/1-X.25
* SNA Gateway CS/1-SNA
* Software NCS Network Control / 1 running on a Sun2.

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