3 Tips for Perfect iPhone Photography

Taking Photos With Your iPhone

Taking beautiful and scenic pictures and photographs doesn’t have to be done with a traditional camera anymore, or by a photographer in a professional photography studio. You’ll most likely notice many people everywhere taking pictures using their iphones. And it’s no wonder why – these little pocket devices take amazing photos, with incredible clarity, color and detail. Not only that, but you can easily edit your photos right on this hand-held device, as well as email it to whoever you want with the touch of a button. If you need to tweak your picture taking capabilities using your iphone, follow these 3 tips.

Get Some Inspiration for Photos

If you simply love taking pictures of anything for absolutely no reason, why not get a little inspiration from some online galleries? You can get some great ideas of objects to shoot, where to shoot them, and how to shoot them. One great gallery in particular can be found at www.quarum.com, which is a great photography studio that provides a lot of composition ideas for the avid photographer.

3 Tips to Taking Pictures With Your iPhone

Take some of the advice from these tips on iPhone photography to ensure you are getting the best quality photos you can get with these handy little devices:

Tip #1 – Use the Phone as a Point-and-Shoot

The camera function of the iPhone was designed to have a functionality that is similar to that of a point-and-shoot camera. As such, try to use your iPhone camera the same way. It’s vital that you are holding the phone steadily using both hands in order to capture the photo clearly.

Tip #2 – Use Light Appropriately

When you are shooting a subject, make sure that the light is facing them, not you. Regardless if the light is natural from the sun, or artificial from a fluorescent lamp, it is essential that the camera is not facing the light, but rather the object you are shooting. In the evening, try to use the flash, especially in particularly dark settings.

Tip #3 – Avoid the Zoom

Although the iPhone camera is of high quality and super handy, it does not have the same functionality as a super expensive DSLR photography camera. Zooming in can take away from the detail and quality of a picture, so try to resist the temptation to zoom in using your iPhone.

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