3 Powerful Tools to Build Your Own iPhone App

Creating an iPhone app is not just a task available to professional developers. Here are three powerful iPhone app builders that give novice users a straightforward way to develop their own applications.

Sweb Apps

Sweb Apps is an online service that is ideal for those who don’t know how to write software code. App development starts with categories and pre-designed templates where the user adds their content. If the user desires, the design space can be easily customized with the user’s own category, background images and logos. Sweb Apps support features such as video, audio streams, podcasts, RSS, URLs, maps, mobile storefront and gallery images. The apps are developed for submission to the Apple Store through the user’s iOS Developer Account.
There is a one-time development fee of $399 for the basic iPhone package ($1,799 for the pro package) and $499 for the basic multi-platform package ($2,399 for pro) for both the iPhone and Android. The pro package offers greater customization and a more polished look. A monthly fee of $29 is required to host the app. An optional AppTracker feature is available for $10 per month that provides analytical information about the number of downloads and button usage. While content, background images and logos can be changed for free, any functional changes to the app after development costs $100 per change.


This app development service is geared toward the user that has content that they want to sell such as music, books, videos, quizzes and other creative content. The user submits their content in the form of features, the flow of the content, images and other items that provide the look and feel of their app. MyAppBuilder will take their information and develop the app. Once it is created, it is sent back to the client for review. Upon approval, the app will be submitted to the iTunes App Store for the client.
MyAppBuilder charges $29 per month and a flat $20 to compile the data, format it and submit it to the App Store. This gives the user the ability to create two free apps per month for both iPhone and Android devices at the same time. For three or more apps, there is a $59 processing fee. MyAppBuilder may appeal to the user that wants to provide the general overview of their desired app without having to perform the detailed creation in an app builder service such as Sweb Apps.


BuildAnApp is another cross-platform app builder that is targeted toward the DIY user. It offers three levels of service, Standard, Pro and Build-It-For-You Service, that supports the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile platforms. This service offers pre-made templates but also can be customized with the user’s graphics, logos or photos. BuildAnApp offers a three-step process: Select Pages, Add Content, and Review and Publish. It also features an e-mail distribution list that will help steer users to download the app. the standard plan costs $19 to publish an app that works on all four platforms and $499 for the pro plan. The pro plan offers a number of other features including contacts and calendar integration, navigation pages, custom headers and footers, custom color schemes and many more.
BuildAnApp requires that the user have an Apple Developer account in order to submit their app. Apple charges $99 per year and this fee is in addition to the BuildAnApp. BuildAnApp restricts apps that are accepted in the Apple Store from being sold for a fee.
While all three services have ways to send e-mails to users on existing contact lists through the apps, none of them offer direct ways to target new users on social media such as Twitter and Facebook through the service. However, each company suggests the use of social media to spread the word about the available app.
In summary, all three app building services provide an affordable and convenient way for content creators to get their app into the hands of users. Those with great ideas and content that want to create an app can’t go wrong with any of the three app builders.

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