15 Questions Worth Discovery

The iPhone app for facebook just comes with the basic features which do not let us to delete facebook friends for doing so the best possible is to login to facebook on the safari browser and then delete friends.

You can use Twitter for BlackBerry devices to update your friends about what you are doing almost anywhere you go. You can post a tweet,send direct messages to friends, search Twitter, add pictures to your tweets, and more.

Google Chrome the web browser from Google has started warning its users that phys.org contains malware. Phys.Org is a internet news portal that provides the latest news on science .

Look at some of the best and widest range of question which are real dumb on Yahoo answers .Yahoo answers is the question and answer engine from Yahoo.com

If you are just of the blue starting to think you can start a photography studio than that would be tough since you are not having the photography experience. Best suggested is take a photography course from an university and you will automatically collect the equipments to start a photography studio.

Adobe Flash Player users beware of a website that promises visitors a free copy of the download for all versions of Android is planting malware on smart phones running Google’s mobile operating system android.

Some iPhone techies think that one of the most wanted feature of iPhone would be to hide Apps you don’t need or use anymore. Some apps are just not useful for certain people; Stocks, Weather, YouTube, etc.

Blackberry user AdeleWoodward comments on twitter that her Blackberry hangs when in hot condition now that is the chip making technique and lacks the temperature tests.

Imagine you have to remember hundreds of passwords because there is always a new service which springs up after 30 days.

If you do not want to register on any site consider using bugmenot.com

Steam delivers a range of games straight to a PC.It makes automatic updates, lists of games and prices, posters, plus access to a large gaming community.

Corporate and businesses as diverse as banks, gym chains, travel agencies and large retailers are using Twitter to resolve consumer complaints in hours or even minutes rather than the usual days, weeks, or months.

Windows Phone 7 Connector lets you Sync music, photos, videos and podcasts from your existing iTunes and iPhoto libraries to your Windows Phone 7.

An endpoint mapper is a server service that responds to communication requests from a client computer. It listens to TCP/IP port 135.Outlook is an example.

The three issues the story above talks about is Weak battery, Slow camera and Screen smudges.

New York Computer Help is company dedicated to providing superior technical support and personalized attention to companies and residences in New York City.

paddyson123 asked this question on twitter.

Saint George’s Day is the feast day of Saint George

Saint Patrick’s Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17 March.





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