10 Ways to Search for Freebies

Freebies are always welcome. There is not a person in the world who doesn’t like freebies. Each and every person likes to have freebies, but most of the people have no idea about how to get the freebies. Here are 10 of easiest ways to search freebies online.

1) Look for the Auction Websites

There are many auction websites available online. Hundreds of different items are getting auctioned at those websites on any given day. Though you can’t get any thing for absolutely free at these websites, you could get expensive things at throwaway prices. After all, who would shrug their shoulders at a high-end designer bag for bargain bin prices?

2) Make the Most out of the Coupon Codes

Coupon codes for various stores are available online. You can collect these coupon codes without spending any money. However, you could redeem these coupon codes either for freebies or for fabulous discounts. Before buying anything from any online store, you should check out whether coupon codes available for that particular store or not. If no coupon code available for the store from which you want to buy, then you could switch to another online store for which coupon codes are available.

3) Enjoy the Registration Bonus

Most of the online stores are offering handsome amount of credits to the new customers. When you would register yourself at any of those online stores, your store account will be credited with an amount that you could use to make any purchase from that online store.

3)Write Reviews and Get Freebies

When any online store is launching any new product into the market, that store generally invites people to experience the new product and write honest reviews. If you are writing any such review, you may be rewarded with a freebie of the item you are reviewing, or some sort of sample product.

4) Take up Surveys and get Freebies

Many companies are conducting different types of surveys online. If you want to take up the surveys, it is easy to register and get started. However, in the case of most surveys, there are eligibility criteria. If you pass the eligibility hurdle, and complete the survey successfully then you may be able expect freebies, or even payment, in return.

5) Get Freebies by Inviting Friends

Most of the online stores are offering freebies or store credit to introduce new people to their stores. You could send invitation from your online store account to your friends and acquaintances. If any of them accept your invitation and make any purchase from that online store, then you would be eligible to get either freebies or store credits.

6) Get Rewarded for Becoming a Fan

Most of the websites now have their fan page in different social networking sites. The online stores ask their customers to become a fan at various social networking websites and get rewarded with freebies or store credits.

7) Look out for Off-Season Offer

In case of an off season offer, you should not expect anything for free. However, shopping off season could get you some mouth watering discounts. An “off-season offer” means that if you buy a wool sweater in July when very few people are in pursuit of this item, it will be at a deep discount. Shopping a store’s clearance section will garner some great off-season deals.

8) Play Games and Get Freebies

There are gaming websites which ask players to come to their sites, play games and get freebies. You don’t have to pay any fee to play the game. All you need to do is to register yourself with the site and then play game to get freebies.

9) Take part in the Contests and Get Freebies

Many contests are going on over the internet. You could take part in those contests to win freebies.

10) Buy Online to Get Freebies

Many online stores are offering freebies with various products and services. If you are buying any product or service from their stores, you could get the freebies. For instance, a $35 makeup purchase from a favorite department store could garner a free tote bag or case of make up! If you are buying the product anyway, why not get something a little extra?

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