10 Best iPhone Applications for graduates

You would have seen the nokia app series we covered and now below are the best iphone apps.

1. iTranslate:

This application allows translations of over 42 different languages. Students are able to obtain information from a different angle by accessing documents studies from different parts of the world.

2.  Flashcards: FLIPR:

With this application, graduates can simply sync their iPhone to their Mac and download flash cards with pointers for an important review. They can also visit exchange mnemonic cards via their iPhone 3 G network to access the resources of flash card over 16 million dollars and then posting them on the wide screen mode on their iPhone.

3. A body of knowledge:

This is a favorite of medical students. This program has over 300 annotated images integrated bones, muscles, arteries and joints of the body. Graduates can easily test their knowledge by placing their iPhone to quiz or simply pinch on an image for a closer examination image. This eliminates the need to carry bulky manuals wherever you go without skipping a beat with your schedule of study.

4. Free Wi-Fi Finder

Students are always difficult and straps in time to allow the wireless network connection to complete their studies. Finder of Wi-Fi to locate free internet portals they can log unto to have access to their universities.

iTalk Recorder

5. I lift:

This application allows you to enter your class schedule and other important events such as homework, exam dates and departmental meetings. This eliminates the reasons for students to be late.

6. Tools of the school:

This application is like a mobile library. It has applications that cover each area studied by students online. It also has 2D and 3D graphics, build capacity and a copy of the New American Oxford Dictionary.

7. iTunes U:

iTunes U is designed specifically for the academic community online. It contains lectures of various courses offered by universities online leaders. Through their network of iPhone 3G, students can easily watch and listen to lectures more than 200,000 audio and video available.

8. Doc Viewer

Doc Viewer allows students to read the documents carefully before presentations or just for review.

9. iTalk Recorder:

This application allows students to record anything from lectures, notes read aloud or just their own ideas on the go. They can then replay at any time.

10.: Writing Pad

iphone writing pad lets you use your finger to scrape any word. It then gives you the option Save password for future reference.


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