10 Apps for the Perfect Day Out

Planning a fun day out with the family can provide plenty of opportunities for chaos. Thankfully there are also plenty of apps on hand to help you out, allowing you to spend more time on the fun stuff! Whether looking for help to find nearby attractions, something to do in the car on the drive, or a way to take memorable and lasting photos – there’s an app for that.

1) MapQuest 4 Mobile

For a free map app, this can’t be beat. Its user-friendly interfaces is simple and offer s a selection of the key points of interest – such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and more –at the bottom of the screen. Users can also find up-to-the-minute traffic info to avoid the worst spots easily.

2) Taxi Magic

Letting users book and track a taxi effortlessly and for free, this app also includes a fare estimate and tip calculator to make it easy to plan the cost from location to destination.

3) Menu Pages

A nice take on the restaurant search app, Menu Pages lets users search by location, features, or specific cuisine desired. Reviews available to give diners an idea of quality of food, service, value, and atmosphere before heading off to try it. Simple and clean interface, and free to download all make it a winner.

4) Family Car Games

$1.99 provides over 100 “no stuff needed” games that can be played in the car or anywhere on the go. It is nicely designed with children of all ages in mind, so games are appropriate for kids as young as preschool or enjoyable for teenagers. Using the radio, memory, and more, these games provide hours of entertainment while moving, or if stuck in traffic.

5) InstagramWith photo filters that can turn any photo into a treasure, this free app is making a huge splash in the world of digital photography. Users can alter photos taken with other software and easily upload them to share on social networks, or take a new photo and turn it into something special.

6) AutoStitch Panorama

For large group shots or pictures in widescreen bigger-than-life places, this $1.99 app will let a user stitch together from two to twenty individual smaller photos. The results can be manually cropped and once they are perfected, shared instantly to social networks.

7) Fast Burst Camera

This free app lets users take a burst of photos ranging from five to ten per second. This speed allows users to end up with perfect action shots, no matter how fast the action is going by. An extended version can be purchased for $3.76 as well – in case the action is going to last a while.

8) Graffiti Me!

For those looking for a unique picture app, this allows users to turn any picture into cool graffiti-style art. For only $.99 users can make their friends and family appear more urban and street-wise in seconds.

9) Weatherbug

With up-to-the-minute information about the weather in any area, this unique free app also includes details about wind direction and speed which can be useful for enjoying the outdoors. Forecasts are easy to read and give users information not only about what it feels like outside, but what it’s going to be like whenever and wherever they are interested in.

10) Go SkyWatch Planetarium

For those who love the outdoors, this $5.99 app will make any camping trip unbeatable. It provides information, up-close photos, animation, and more on constellations, stars, and other celestial bodies it is pointed at. For someone looking to turn a perfect day out into a perfect night out, this app can’t be beat.

This list of apps for the perfect day out was put together by the content team at Ladbrokes.

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